Utilikilts: Functionality meets Scottish Fashion

We just returned from a great trip to Seattle whose residents have to qualify near the top of the DIY list. The plethora of historic old homes requires a constant flow of improvements and upgrades that homeowners relish (or revile). There are hardware stores to suit each neighborhood and specialty shops are plentiful.
But on a side note we came across the Utilikilts showroom in Pioneer Square. Their tagline is “American Made Utility Kilts for Everyday Wear”, not your typical clothing store.

We were intrigued by the Workman’s model which features:
“12 oz. Duck cloth that feels just about tough enough to stop a nail gun. It features two exterior rear pockets and has two multi-chamber saddle pockets with room for all the nails, screws, tape measures, cell phones, wallets and beer bottles you could want.”
There have been mixed reactions on the blogosphere to these Utilikilts but one things for certain, they are unique.

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