Vertical Gardens Are Here!

You heard it here first when we called this trend coming to the States! A Cup of Jo spotted San Francisco florist Flora Grubb’s vertical DIY panels.
Here’s what they say:
You can buy 20″x20″ trays that contains 45 slanted planting cells to support plants and soil once mounted on the wall. The system is modular so you can build a vertical garden in any design based on 20″x20″ square panels.
The set-up requires free drainage and can be irrigated using a garden hose – applying water to the plants manually – or the system is designed to accommodate a built-in irrigation line for automatic watering.

The succulent walls were installed using panels planted with small 2″ succulent plants. These panels were grown flat for a few months to allow the roots to develop and grow in to the cells.
Make sure you understand the conditions needed to support your plant selections – especially in terms of light and temperature.
Typically they finish the installation with a simple wooden frame to create a ‘picture on the wall’ look. The panels can be attached directly to the wall or to a wooden backing.
So fabulous! What do you think about vertical gardens? Maybe I can hang one outside my apartment window…
Photo: Flora Grubb

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