Wall Anchor System: Toggler and Snapskru

A friend recently inquired about installing a computer monitor on his wall where there was only drywall with no backing studs. Togglers are the first thing that came to mind for this application and it guided us to their website which is one of the nicer product websites we’ve come across. Besides the Toggler wall-anchors the Snapskru is a great choice and they have an informative video to show just how it works.

But the best feature of their site is the Application Finder which provides you with an estimate of which product you should select for your project. Before using the Application Finder they suggest these guidelines.

  • Industry safety standards recommend 1/4 of ultimate test load.
  • All pull-out values should be used as guides only. The age, condition, and capacity of the substrate must be considered.
  • Holding strength of all TOGGLER BRAND anchors varies directly with the strength of the wall material, the screw size, and the extent of the screw engagement.
  • Holding strength of TOGGLER ALLIGATOR solid-wall anchors also varies inversely with variations in hole diameter.
  • Any recommended anchor is used at your own discretion and risk. Because of variations in screws and substrate materials beyond Mechanical Plastics Corp.’s control, it cannot guarantee the use of any anchor recommended in this Application Finder.

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