What Makes a Great Kitchen Countertop?

A reader of ours lives in a Venice, CA bungalow and recently asked for help in selecting new kitchen countertops or possibly repairing the current ones. From the looks of these photos the tops are too damaged to repair and not of the best quality to retain. We do like the mustard green which lends a vintage appeal to the kitchen along with the old stove and range, even though the cabinets and dishwasher are thoroughly modern.

We often refer to our kitchen countertop guide for resources and ideas but we’d like to hear from you and what you think would look great but also be functional.
The homeowner enjoys entertaining but also spends time away from the house and would probably prefer a low-maintenance solution. We think concrete would look sharp here but it does require vigilant maintenance and can be costly. If you want to tackle installing concrete countertops yourself here’s the best guide we’ve found.
A wood countertop would also be beautiful and the natural aging and marking that occurs would give a nice “lived in” look to the counter but again maintenance can be a chore. We think a stainless steel or recycled glass top may be the best bet here as there are many color and finish options to choose from and they are easier to maintain.
Help a fellow DIY homeowner and lend your advice in the comments about what countertop material you suggest and why.

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