What Can McGruff Do For You?

Back during the holidays, I kept hearing PSA spots that were a joint venture from The US Department of Justice, The National Crime Prevention Council, and the Ad Council. They offered really great tips on how to keep your home, your valuables, yourself and your loved ones safe during the holiday season from theft, fraud, invasion and violence. You can download the 60-second PSAs here.
It was my intention to discuss the subjects covered by the PSAs, but to be honest, I was sucked in to the National Crime Prevention Council’s website, ncpc.org and found a bevy of information helpful for anyone looking to make their homes and families safer.
Not only is there tons of information about starting your own Neighborhood Watch program and other community-based initiatives (as well as topics spanning from things like cyberbullying to workplace violence and disaster preparedness) but there are near endless downloadable, printable resources for everything imaginable.

There are so many useful items there — from security checklists for apartments and homes to working safely from home (one I totally need to adhere to better) — that I can’t possibly share them all with you. But you should go check the whole list of PDF files from their Home and Neighborhood section here. (Hint, scroll to the bottom for brochures, inserts, and fliers.)
The ones that caught my eye immediately were the checklists for homes and apartments to measure their safety features; the “trends” and habits of burglars; and how to keep yourself and your property safe if you work from home (umm, hello, that’s me).
What about you? Is there a resource that gives you pause, or one you wish existed? Will you consider starting a Neighborhood Watch program, or join an already-existing one? Let us know what matters most to you with home security in the comments.

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