What it Takes to Install a Skylight

Before beginning any project, be sure to consult with your state and building codes. Also be sure to follow proper safety precautions, when you’re installing the skylight.
After you choose your skylight, curb-mounted or frame in place, you will then need to know how to install it.
First gather your supplies. According to the National Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), to install a skylight, you will need:

* Skylight and Flashing
* 1×2 cleats
* Drywall
* Level
* Utility Knife
* Keyhole Saw
* Chalk Line
* Nails
* Circular Saw
* Ladder
* T-Bevel
* Roof Cement
* Framing for Curb, Roof and Ceiling Headers
* 2x4s for Light Shaft
* Rigid Foam Insulation
* Steel Tape Measure
* Pry Bar
* Hammer
* Carpenter’s Square
* Plumb Bob
* Tin Snips
* Reciprocating Saw
* Try Square
After that, you must make a rough opening frame it and install the window, following the instructions provided here.
Finally, you will need to build the ceiling and light shaft, following directions provided by the NRHA.
This isn’t a good project for first time do-it-yourselfers; you may want to consult an expert or someone who has successfully installed a skylight before but this should give a great idea of what tools and kills you’ll need to install a skylight yourself.
by Carly Zinderman
photo: Giles Douglas

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