Media Rooms and Home Theater

Media Rooms and Home Theaters are rapidly becoming the latest trend in home ownership, for homes big and small.
A family room can quickly be transformed into a media room or home theater simply by adding a big screen television and a basic surround sound system. If you have the space, or are simply really into the idea of having a dedicated movie-watching area, an extra room, basement or garage can all be transformed into a home theater or media room.
If you are jammed for space, don’t forget the outdoor home theater option as well.
In a media room, technology takes center stage, so consider all your options and talk them over with an expert before making a choice that meets your needs and space requirements.

Other considerations include seating options and whether you want to build seating rafters or use a series of lounge chairs.
Extra special touches include storage units that hide remotes, equipment and DVD’s by using an IR repeater.
For the comfort of your guests, a mini fridge can be great for keeping beverages chilled, while an old-fashioned popcorn machine is the perfect way to complete the home theater experience.
What’s important to you in your home theater?

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