What to Do with Rainwater Drainage and Runoff

The much needed rain continues today in Southern California and it’s been a pleasant surprise as we know its only temporary. But the issue of rainwater runoff is pertinent in areas near the ocean as almost all of the water is diverted straight to the ocean and with it unknown amounts of sedentary junk and toxic materials.
If you live near any area with a low lying water source such as a stream, river, lake or ocean, there are steps you can take to make sure that the rainwater runoff is distributed responsibly and isn’t contributing to erosion or pollution.

Here are some tips for harvesting rainwater. For many homeowners the perfect drainage system is permeable concrete which eliminates surface runoff and dissipates water in a natural way. If that’s not an option make sure your driveway is designed to lead water away from the foundation of the home.
For ambitious homeowners you can also put that rainwater to use by using a rainwater collection system which feeds the water back into the plumbing system of the home for use inside.

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