Tips for Your Valuables On Moving Day

Moving from a home that you’ve lived in for years is at once one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. In the rush to pack everything and not forget all the knick-knacks, make sure you prepare a separate pile that you will move yourself and won’t be included with the boxes going with the movers.

Although you most likely will have insurance to cover valuables lost or damaged during your move there are some items that you just don’t want to chance getting lost, stolen, or damaged due to their sentimental or intrinsic value. We also recommend moving your computer yourself or at least removing the hard-drive of having a computer savvy friend do that and carefully transport the hard drive yourself and let the movers handle the tower or case.
Here’s a list of items that you should keep near and dear during a move.

  • sports memorabilia
  • hobby collections
  • jewelry
  • photo albums
  • firearms (include permits during transport)
  • instruments
  • computer hard drives

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