White House Christmas Decorating Ideas


The White House is always splendidly decorated for Christmas and this year proves to be no exception. The Bush’s always decorated with aplomb and their state ornaments were gorgeous. Here Laura Bush shows us her grand gingerbread house and the trees lit up in the main hallway at the White House.

white-house-christmas-decorating ideas



The Clinton’s also were big into Christmas decorating and Hilary proves that her gingerbread house is no slouch and unlike Laura she goes for a green ensemble that works well with her tree.



This year we expect the Obama’s to bring a fresh new look to the White House Christmas. Last year they went with a clean and pared back style but this year in celebration of another four more years we expect them to go all out with Christmas. Since the girls are older they also might have some new ideas for decorating with the kids.


Michelle Obama takes some time to show some kids around the new White House decorations.


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