Wild Wallpaper Choices

In my quest to find an awesome wallpaper for my front entry/stairwell/upstairs landing-hallway, I’ve come across some very interesting finds that stray FAR from your grandmother’s florals and damasks (though I have a soft spot in my heart for those as well).
My design style is very graphic, bright, bold, and slightly quirky, so I understand from the get-go if what I’m about to show you might make you clutch your pearls in fright and/or disgust. Style is like opinions; everybody’s got one and they rarely are the same as anyone else’s.
First on my list is this lovely little flocked pattern from Barbara Hulanicki for Graham & Brown simply titled “Skulls” and it is chock full of gothy awesome. From far away it looks like an unassuming floral, but once you get a wee bit closer, the vine-like pattern emerges into all different-sized skulls balancing upon one another. I haven’t quite figured out how to make this work in my home, but before I die I’m going to see this paper in person. And probably pet it a lot.

Second on my list is actually this whole company formerly of New Orleans but now of Brooklyn, NY, Flavor Paper. They hand-screen print each paper per order, and customization is completely possible. There are so many fun papers – you have to look closely to catch the tongue-in-cheek images and play-on-words patterns. I have too many favorites to list here, but if you’re looking for a time suck, then hop on over and settle in for some eye candy and a good chuckle.
Third and last on my list (thus far) is this playful interactive pattern also from Graham & Brown called “Frames.” This paper is made to be drawn, painted, water colored, pasteled, whatevered, making it a veritable work of art in progress. Or, in the very least, a never-ending collage piece.
I’ve seen it in action as a feature wall where the homeowners just posted candid photos, concert tickets, and other various memorabilia usually destined for a dresser drawer and it looked amazingly coordinated and personal. I think it would also work wonders in a kids room – why not let the little ones have a whole WALL to let their imaginations go wild with?
I’m sure there are tons of amazing, offbeat wallpapers out there that I’m yet to cross paths with, but I’m always on the hunt so by no means consider this list comprehensive. What about you – do you have any wildly amazing wallpapers to share? Please do!

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