Wireless Home Lighting with Verve Living Systems

Your home lighting should be near the top of your design priorities. Setting the decor, furnishings and paint isn’t complete without considering how it all looks under correct light. It can also be a tremendous chore selecting which lights are controlled by what switch and with a traditional hard-wired home, your choices can be limited to how your switches are setup.
At this years International Builders’ Show we were introduced to Verve Living Systems which promises to break you free from a homes wiring system via the wireless controller shown below.

Sales Manager, Mike Reitz, took us through the paces on how easy it is to manage and control your homes lighting system with Verve. In a nutshell Verve Living Systems is an energy-harvesting, radio frequency based lighting control system that allows homeowners to control all the lights in their home from a series of self-powering switches. These switches do not run on batteries and by simply programming them to various quadrants of your home you have the freedom to control your lighting from any location in a room or your house.
Other benefits include:
* Homeowners can use the system to raise or lower the intensity level of every light in their home from any switch or combination of switches, thereby creating home environments that support and enhance their state of mind.
* They can use it to create lighting scenes and pathway lighting, to turn every light in the house on or off.
* The Verve system provides 100% whole house dimming, which results in dramatic energy savings and extended bulb life.
* Because all switches are 100% movable, homeowners can change switch locations any time they want or need to.
This system is ideally suited for new home construction so if you’re looking for the convenience of a wireless lighting system with the above energy saving features you should ask your builder to consider Verve Living Systems.

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