Your Next Contractor Could be Amish

According to the Wall Street Journal “About 600 Amish contractors or subcontractors work in at least a dozen states, a rapid increase over the past decade”. Homeowners are citing their craftsmanship and techniques used such as timber-frame building (which doesn’t use nails) as well as their timeliness and lower cost.

The Amish contractors typically hire their own family members which cut out the subs and keep costs and overhead very low. They also value a hard work ethic as opposed to cutting corners that many mass builders have been guilty of.
On the flip side the Amish eschew modern technologies such as cell-phones and automobiles but it seems they’ve found a way around that. “Many can’t own power tools — but they can rent or borrow them. They aren’t allowed to drive — but they can use a car with a hired driver. Use of phones is banned at home — but many are permitted to use cellphones for business or if someone else owns the phone, like the non-Amish driver.”
via Wall Street Journal

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