In his backyard workshop, blog star Timothy Dahl earns home improvement wisdom that he shares with DIYers of all ages.
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For kid’s, a DIY website
The New York Times

If you’re a diy enthusiast more comfortable with a hammer and nail gun than needle and glue gun, you’ve probably found your way to the terrific home improvement blog Charles & Hudson
- Apartment Therapy

Charles & Hudson reveals a wealth of useful information for those looking to upgrade their home on their own. From snaking your own sewer line to buying a backyard fire pit and an electrical outlet orientation, there’s a lot to learn

House Call: Timothy & Laura’s West Village Police Precinct
- Apartment Therapy

Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson is a DIY demon. One of his greatest triumphs was the transformation of a dingy utility room into a dazzling white laundry space

Picks to Click
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“Whether you’re doing home renovations yourself or hiring professionals, knowledge is power. This frequently updated blog offers easy-to-follow posts on remodeling, repairs, maintenance, and on-the-job safety.”
- Real Simple

“An interesting read for professionals, the site is filled with helpful information, as well as dozens of links to other blogs and magazine Web sites.”
- Architectural Record

Provided you don’t mind handling toxic chemicals and have access to a well-ventilated space, you can re-create the feel of a European cafe in your own home with a decorative patina mirror
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