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House Plan Abbreviations

Are all builders, architects, and developers on board with these house plan abbreviations? It might make life much easier for them and their clients.

Seattle Contemporary Houseboat  Remodel

Seattle Contemporary Houseboat Remodel

We’ve been enamored with Seattle houseboats since Sleepless in Seattle but the majority of houseboats we’ve seen up close look a bit dated and more charming than cool. Our opinions have changed after seeing this houseboat remodel in the Seattle Times.

Design-Build Demystified

Design-Build Demystified

Dwell magazine explains and highlights the reasons why design-build firms have come to the forefront of new construction. Design-build is simply the process of the team that formulates the plan and project is also the team that constructs the project. Applying the saying “soup-to-nuts” to the construction process.