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Winterize a Swimming Pool

Winterize a Swimming Pool

Unless you live in the Southwest, winter has already hit you hard and this article may have arrived a bit late for you but MonkeySee has some informative home improvement videos and we found this video for winterizing your swimming pool particularly helpful.

QVC Hosts Should Heed Our Warnings

We can’t stress ladder safety enough especially during the holiday season as folks are hanging Christmas lights and dealing with cold weather, slippery rungs, and unstable ground but these QVC and infommercial hosts have the luxury of working in a TV studio and they still can’t get it right.

More Home Improvement and DIY Videos

Ask The Builder Videos As the quality of online video continues to grow, many more DIY experts are getting behind the camera to share their tips, techniques, and opinions on home improvement and decorating. Along with Ask the Builder here are a few video channels that have some great content […]