Free Your Inner Artist With A Sharpie Floor

Sharpies are such a versatile item. Sure, they’re an ideal office supply (and a must-have when it comes to preparing for a garage sale.) But Sharpies also have nearly unlimited DIY potential. Just ask my husband who, after becoming inspired by a C&H post I wrote a couple years ago, decorated one of our loft walls with a Sharpie mural of the NYC skyline.

Three months and four boxes of Sharpies later, the masterpiece was complete. I contributed by drawing a few lines, then my attention span disappeared.

When I saw the Sharpie floor featured on Apartment Therapy’s round-up of bold kitchen floors, I knew I had to post it for you! You could certainly attempt your own Sharpie masterpiece. From my (extremely) limited experience? Make sure you really, really want to finish the project. Or have my husband’s discipline. Because it takes quite awhile, especially if you’re doing a detailed design!

How amazing is that floor? And can you imagine the conversation it must inspire when people come over? I think I could stare at it for hours! You’d have so many options, too, when picking your Sharpies. Black and white is classic, but you could also inject pops of color–or maybe even go metallic?

If you want to make your own Sharpie floor, be sure to stock up on lots of Sharpies! Start with a clean floor. You may want to sketch the design onto the floor before starting, or you could use stencils, too. Feeling adventurous? Then just wing it!

It may be best to test this technique in a smaller room, like a kitchen or bathroom, since it will be time-consuming to create the design. And once you’re done, consider sealing your floor with a clear sealant, which will protect the design and ensure it doesn’t smear or fade over time.
What’s your take on DIY Sharpie decor? Are you ready to unleash your inner Picasso?
Photo: Apartment Therapy via Olle Hemmendorff

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