Free Your Inner Artist With A Sharpie Floor

Sharpies are such a versatile item. Sure, they’re an ideal office supply (and a must-have when it comes to preparing for a garage sale.) But Sharpies also have nearly unlimited DIY potential. Just ask my husband who, after becoming inspired by a C&H post I wrote a couple years ago, decorated one of our loft walls with a Sharpie mural of the NYC skyline. Three months and four boxes of Sharpies later, the masterpiece was complete. I contributed by drawing a few lines, then my attention span disappeared.
When I saw the Sharpie floor featured on Apartment Therapy’s round-up of bold kitchen floors, I knew I had to post it for you! You could certainly attempt your own Sharpie masterpiece. From my (extremely) limited experience? Make sure you really, really want to finish the project. Or have my husband’s discipline. Because it takes quite awhile, especially if you’re doing a detailed design!
How amazing is that floor? And can you imagine the conversation it must inspire when people come over? I think I could stare at it for hours! You’d have so many options, too, when picking your Sharpies. Black and white is classic, but you could also inject pops of color–or maybe even go metallic?

If you want to make your own Sharpie floor, be sure to stock up on lots of Sharpies! Start with a clean floor. You may want to sketch the design onto the floor before starting, or you could use stencils, too. Feeling adventurous? Then just wing it!
It may be best to test this technique in a smaller room, like a kitchen or bathroom, since it will be time-consuming to create the design. And once you’re done, consider sealing your floor with a clear sealant, which will protect the design and ensure it doesn’t smear or fade over time.
What’s your take on DIY Sharpie decor? Are you ready to unleash your inner Picasso?
Photo: Apartment Therapy via Olle Hemmendorff

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  • margaretsmith

    This is such a wonderful prize. We could really use a programmable thermostat. Not only are these wonderful for the enviroment, but also great for saving too.
    Thanks so much.

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  • drsus123

    Our thermostat is from 1983, and usually runs even when the inside temp is either 10 degrees above or below the set temperature. We need a new thermostat!!!

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    Just got a brand new furnace on Friday and this would be great way to maximize my savings.

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    Who couldn’t use a new thermostat? I was just mentioning to my husband the other day that we should look into a programmable one.

  • mickeyfan

    I always have the best intentions about turning down the thermostat when we leave, but sadly, it rarely happens!

  • enigldy

    I would love to win this and so desperately need — we’ve been wanting to install one for a few years now and by the looks of the utility bill we should seriously look into it. Winning it would be such a sweet deal! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • This would work very nicely with our old Trane furnace.

  • Alexia

    thermostats are cool.

  • Gordon

    Looks good. How does it compare to the Honeywell TH8000 Series?

  • amiramoon

    great contest! and key for taking the guesswork out of saving energy on heat!

  • firemedicjon

    My thermostat has been “acting up” lately…not always coming on when it should. I thingk it’s about to die.

  • patricia skinner

    I need this as I know it will save me money in the long end.

  • agordon10

    I could use one.

  • theresaclift

    This is one of the best ways to save $$$ if you leave your home every day to work

  • beth

    cool! or hot! gotta love a trane!

  • JANNET81888

    This would really come in handy for me during winter time.

  • sheilabee

    My son has asked for one of these for Christmas. Would be great to have so the house can be cool or warm right before you come home after a long day.Ok now I want one also!

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  • heatherzilla

    I would love to win a programmable thermostat and I have heard that trane is the best when it comes to air conditioning. Please include me in the giveaway.

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  • charlesjopperman

    This would cut the gas bill in my house; hands would not be changing the temp all day long.

  • tatum810

    Great giveaway thanks..I would love this for my grandparents they have a time with the 1930’s version LOL..Even though I need one they need it more.

  • Allison Gillette

    I really need a new thermostat.

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    I have been looking at replacing our old dial thermostat with a new digital programmable thermostat. After researching all different types I found the XL800 version is one of the easiest to use and the best overall value for us to save money and conserve energy at the same time. I would love the opportunity to get one.

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    Our programmable thermostat is dysfunctional. This would be a perfect replacement!

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    This is an awesome giveaway. I hope I’m one of the winners. I don’t have a programmable thermostat. Thanks!!

  • ShariD

    I would love this as hubby and I tend to do the dueling thermostat thing. Much better it its pre-programmed.

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    I need one of these to help save fuel cost for my family!!!

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    Anything that can help us save some much needed cash in these tough times is a good thing.

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  • Estelle

    Oh, I really need one of these. Our cheap-o thermostat is so outdated, and I’m not even sure if it works right.

  • guidokittie

    Great thermostat!

  • mckim

    We put in a programmable thermostat a few years ago and love it. My son really needs this. His heating bill is really high, and of course he never remembers to turn the thermostat down before he leaves for work.

  • tina9157

    This would be great to have! Anything to help save money.

  • mikem13

    This would be a nice replacement over the manual one that I have to change the settings on every day in the fall because we have to run the A/C during the day and the heat at night

  • rondadoug

    Trane makes a very reliable product whether it’s a stat, furnace or ac. πŸ™‚

  • madpay

    nice tool

  • Thomas Frink

    I would like to win a programmable thermostat to improve my home’s energy usage.

  • paulwilliamson

    I am so tired of adjusting my thermostat that I feel I have blisters on my fingers. I need something to set the time and temp. to and walk away.

  • angelaj

    This would be nice to have, no more chilly mornings


    certainly looks like a great product

  • Dante

    My old programmable unit is on the fritz and looking for a new one. (Crosses fingers for the contest!)

  • Distinguished

    Great contest!

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    These are so practical!! thanks!

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  • Janice Pfund

    I would love to win a Trane programable thermostat for our new home in our new town. It would help us save energy and money in these financially trying times.

  • Janice Pfund

    I would love to win a Trane programable thermostat for our new home in our new town. It would help us save energy and money in these financially trying times.

  • Ruth Bousquet

    What a great thermostat…could use it in my house, and the new garage/house we’re building. Sure would save alot of money.

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    I would like to have this to save a few bucks this winter. We have snow six months of the year and it is really cold.


    Wonderful prize…our thermostat has started making wierd clicking noises in the middle of the night…thinking it’s possessed does not make for a condusive night’s sleep!

  • martint100

    I could really use a Trane programable thermostat!

  • Jeff Palmer

    I think that I still have the original thermostat installed after my house was built in 1908. I probably will see a savings after installing a Trane programmable thermostat.

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    My mom has yet to upgrade to a programmable thermostat, so this would be great to win for her to bring her into the 21st century!

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    Our thermostat is ancient. And I love the look of this one.

    I am following via Twitter as jlsc123 and have retweeted.

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    I have a programmable thermostat now but it is too hard to program. I forget from season to season just how to do it and then have to hunt up the little manual. I think it’s lost now for good. I would love one by Trane.

  • sjbarman

    An easy to use home heating thermostat would be a useful product with the onset of winter.
    Current thermostat is not easy to use and does not appear to accurately regulate the heat.

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    We are about to buy the 1930s bungalow that we’ve been renting for past couple of years. A programmable thermostat is high on our wish list. No more frosty mornings!

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    A great prize that not only saves money/energy but is more convenient than manually resetting the thermostat every day.

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    Going greener and saving money is my New Year’s pre-Resolution. A programmable thermostat is a great step in that resolution.

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    These look awesome. I have the perfect spot for it in my house ;). Green!

  • This would be awesome to win! I bought a condo in May and switching out the thermostat to a programmable one is on the list of upgrades that I want to make!

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    Wow. This looks great!

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    We could use it…ours has got to be from the 70’s!

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    We could really use this prize – our thermostat is the original on ethat came with our 22 yr old house.

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    I have an out dated thermostat- would love to have one that helps save energy! Thankyou πŸ™‚

  • AsTheNight

    I know that Trane’s heating equipment has a great reputation, but I didn’t even know they made thermostats!

  • susansmoaks

    i really could use this too, every morning when we leave we set the thermostat and then again when we get home, i hate it when we forget and the a/c runs all day!

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  • carol~

    This would be great to have an not always have to make sure you turn the thermostat up or down all the time and save us money.

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  • Dianne Arsenault

    This was recommanded to me by a Energy Audit done in my home but as they’re a bit expensive, so far I have not bought any.

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    I would give this to my mom her`s is old and the buttons always stick and it drives her crazy so she would love this….

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  • What a great prize. Thanks!

  • I did some work with Trane’s parent company (Ingersoll Rand) and at the time they were talking about linking these programmable thermostats up with the remote access security systems they make through Schlage. Controlling your entire house from the internet? Awesome.

  • Ardy22

    I would love to replace our very old thermostat with this energy efficient one!

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    We have Trane heatpumps that have crappy thermostats – it reads that our home may be 76 and it is actully 90 or 60 depending upon the day. This would be a terrific win and very NEEDED item – it is on our wish list but there are many higher priorities in our lives. Thanks for this chance to win!

  • Jess

    Would love this:) Great prize, thanks in advance.

  • Thanks all for entering! Winners are being notified.

    Check back Monday morning for our next Giveaway!!!

  • gtpgirl19

    I need a new one mine croaked πŸ™ So back to a manual

  • her5boys

    Living in hot AZ. it would be nice to come home to a cool home after vacation and such instead of turning the air on when we get there…great prize!

  • her5boys
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    I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  • phyllisjenkins

    We need to install a HVAC into a newly remodeled house. Trane units look good.

  • Programmable thermostats save a ton of money.


    MY TURN TO WIN???????

  • sarahcook

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure our thermostat came with the house, which means it’s olde than I am. And if not, it sure looks and acts like it! This would be awesome. Thanks

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

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    This would be really handy for only having the temperature matter when I am home. I just wonder if it can hook up to an older one or not.

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    We could realy use a programmable thermostat. We have two 5 ton units and both are running on old style thermostats, our electric bill is sky high! I knoe taht we need to do a lot of reworking on our entire system but finances are tight right now and we simply can’t keep up. I just thought that this might help. Thanks for condsidering us.

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