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I spent more than an hour chatting with my first guest, Jimmy Diresta, about a wide range of subjects. From his love of vintage printing presses to his experiences working on TV and at his shop.


Other popular guests include chainsaw artist Griffon Ramsey, Clint DeBoer of Pro Tool Reviews, and Joanie Sprague from Trading Spaces.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 7: Clint DeBoer – Founder and Editor of Pro Tool Reviews

Episode 6: Marc Lyman – Founder of Home Fixated and Sotheby’s Realtor

Episode 5: Dan DiClerico – Smart Home Expert at Home Advisor

Episode 4: Joanie Sprague – Carpenter on Trading Spaces

Episode 3: Dan Maxey & Eric Jopp – Founders of Tools In Action

Episode 2: Griffon Ramsey – Chainsaw Artist

Episode 1: Jimmy Diresta – Maker/Builder