Top Picks For Fall Paint Colors

With fall quickly approaching, you may have the urge to change something in your home. Personally, I find myself spending more time on decorating, de-cluttering and organizing my abode in the weeks before winter, almost as if I’m preparing for cold weather-induced nesting.

If you’re seeking a dramatic change but aren’t ready for a top-to-bottom renovation, applying new paint might just do the trick. Focus on one room or, if you’re feeling ambitious, try a range of new hues throughout your home.
With help from Canadian House & Home, we’ve rounded up some of the top picks for fall-inspired paint colors. Sure, there are some dramatic dark tones on the list, but you’ll also find multi-dimensional neutrals that work with a variety of decor.
1. Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster: This is the perfect choice if you love the crisp look of a neutral but want something beyond white. Depending on the light, the color shifts from “a muddy peach to a pink-ish beige,” according to H&H, and is an ideal choice for a bedroom.

2. Benjamin Moore’s Crushed Berries: Are you a color-holic who craves vibrant hues? The cheerful purple of Crushed Berries would make a great choice for a living room, dining room or anywhere else you’d like to make a bold statement. Temper a strong color with crisp white trim, and add contrast with clean-lined, neutral furniture or pick bold patterns and accessories that will stand up to the hue.
3. Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal: Earlier this year, color experts identified gray as the new beige, and the trend is far from over. Gray is a versatile color that works with warm and cool hues. Add modern flair with bright accessories and patterns, or opt for classic appeal with neutral furnishings and rich wood.
4. Farrow & Ball’s London Clay: Like gray, brown is an ideal neutral thanks to its versatility. Plus, brown infuses a natural warmth into the room that adds an instant dose of coziness, perfect for chilly autumn nights. London Clay is a nice balance between light and dark brown and works just as well in a traditional home as it would in a modern setting.
Will you try any of the colors on this list? If not, what paint colors are on your must-have list for fall projects?
Photo via Canadian House & Home

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