John Deere Unites Landscaping Artists In Virtual Lawnscape Community

Are you THAT type of landscaper? You know … the one who’s not just satisfied with a tidy, mowed yard, but who takes landscaping to the next level? With a new feature on John Deere’s Facebook page, you now have a community to call home!
The recently launched Lawnscaping page is a great place to share advice and tips with fellow lawnscapers, described by John Deere as “those who love the smell of fresh cut grass and working on their lawns and gardens.”
Not only can users post their own photos to the page, but can also interact with others and be the first to know about residential promotions available at local John Deere dealerships.
Plus, you can view videos on pattern mowing, which helps you transform your lawn into “ballpark perfection.””

You can also take a quiz to discover your lawnscaping style. For the record, I’m a “Garden Guru.”
Feel free to log on and explore John Deere’s lawnscaping community — just look for the “Love to Lawnscape” tab — and let us know what you think! And if you take the quiz, let us know your results.
Photo courtesy of John Deere

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