Should You Own a Gun for Home Protection?


We’d like to preface this article by stating the intent of this post is not to express a political position in regards to gun ownership but rather an informative editorial piece that has been written to assist homeowners who have already made the decision to use a firearm for home and self-protection.

Owning a firearm for personal home protection is many times construed as an act of fear, but for most homeowners who make this decision the choice to keep a gun in the home provides them with peace of mind especially if they’ve become intimately familiar with their firearm by spending countless hours with it at the range and understand it’s power and potential.

You need to answer the following questions before considering purchasing a gun for home and personal protection.

1. Deadly Force
Are you prepared mentally and emotionally to use deadly force if needed?

2. Family
Consider your living situation including spouse, children and neighbors. Do you want the responsibility of owning a gun near loved ones?

3. Safety
Are you willing to take a firearm safety protection course? These can typically be done in the evenings and last for a couple days or a week.

4. Storage
Have you considered how you will store your firearm? A gun safe is the obvious place but not always the most ideal if you need quick access and neither is a shoe box stuffed in the closet.

5. Practice
Upon completing a safety course are you committed to spending a few hours in the range every 6 months? This will not only make you a more effective marksman but also provide you with valuable time behind the trigger that will in turn make you more comfortable with your firearm.

6. Laws
Are you familiar with your local and state laws pertaining to owning and operating a handgun or shotgun?
If you are still committed to owning a gun then check back next week as we break down the pros and cons of the most popular home security firearms.

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    Joan CRAWFORD was the one who said, ‘NO WIRE HANGERS!’

    Sheesh! Young people don’t remember ANYTHING!

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