A Safety Checklist For Daylight Saving Time

With Daylight Saving time approaching for most of the country this weekend, we thought we’d give you a few tips of things to check around your home while you’re switching your clocks and smoke alarm batteries.
*Change the batteries in your flashlights. The last thing you want if the power goes out is a dead flashlight. Also do this for any weather alert radios you may have. Spring time means tornado season, and you don’t want to be hiding out in a closet or basement with no way to know when you’re safe.
*Check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers. If it’s past its time, research the proper way to dispose of it and pick a new one up pronto.

*Change the batteries in any carbon monoxide detectors you have. Just as with smoke alarms, you want to make sure these babies are never out of juice. Your life just may depend on it.
*If you have a programmable home security system (say, the motion detectors are only on while you’re at work) make sure you not only update the time, but check your programs to make sure they’re still applicable as we head towards warmer weather. You don’t want to accidentally trip your own alarm because you’re an hour ahead of when your alarm thinks you are, or by opening a window to let some fresh air in.
*Lastly, double-check your door locks. The winter weather may have taken a toll on them, causing the locking mechanisms to jam up, handles to become loose, or keys to corrode or rust. While you’re outside, check your exterior lights and replace any bulbs that are dimming or have burned out.
Follow this list and you’ll not only make sure your home and family are safe and sound, but you’ll be just a few steps closer to being prepared for that long-awaited spring and summer weather.
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