Add A Pop Of Color By Painting Interior Doors

The great thing about paint is that it can be applied to almost any surface or object and is one of the easiest ways to launch a full-fledged makeover within your home. When you’re preparing to paint, you probably think of walls, trim, cabinets, shelves and other pieces of furniture. But what about adding a fresh coat to some of your home’s interior doors?
Interior doors are typically filed under the “functional yet boring” category–they come in handy when it’s time to close off a space, but other than that, they don’t add much visual impact to a room.
By painting them, however, you can liven up the door and add pops of color throughout the room. Sure, you can go the classic route and pick a crisp white or other neutral hue. Or you can head to the other end of the spectrum and try chocolate or black, which will complement dark trim. Maybe you’ll want to meet in the middle with a soft sage, a smoky blue, a buttery yellow or even a muted orange–it all depends on your existing decor and how crazy you want to get with colors. If you’re really craving visual impact, try a brighter shade like canary, turquoise or even pink. These shades work great if your existing room palette is neutral or a classic combination like black and white.

Before painting your doors, you’ll want to take them off the hinges and transport them to a garage or outdoor workspace. Give them a quick cleaning (sanding usually isn’t necessary) before adding a coat of primer. Then add your color and allow the door to fully dry before reattaching it inside.
What are your thoughts on the project? Have you thought about painting your interior doors? And if so, what colors would you choose?
Photo by Pia Ulin/The Wall Street Journal

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