Build or Buy: Picnic Table


We took this photo of picnic tables stacked up at our local Lowe’s home center and for $88 we thought it was a great price.

These tables come in a flat box so there is still some assembly required but you don’t have to cut and prepare the lumber, drill holes or buy nuts and bolts. It’s all ready to go and you’ll be eating outdoors on your new table in less than an hour.




We built one of these tables last year and went a step further by sanding and painting it but you could keep the wood in it’s natural state which looks great.

We shared this photo on Facebook as a Build It or Buy It and the answers were great!

Todd Fratzel: Look at the price….$88….I’m almost certain you can’t buy that lumber, the carriage bolts, screws, etc and build it for that. From what I can see it’s a decent table. Buy a good one…..I did the build it thing several times…each time I swore I wouldn’t do it again lol

Jeff William:s Todd, good eye on seeing that tag. I viewed the picture initially on my phone. Couldn’t even make out the $88 tag. That is super cheap. I’d buy for that price.

Mike DeGrande: If you build it, the picnics will come

John Vee: Build but use better lumber than fir

Jeff Williams: If I was buying it would be a commercial grade table. I could build a pretty nice wood one for a couple hundred bucks though.

So will you build it or buy it?

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