Cool Kitchen Find: A Cheese Grater Chandelier

Restaurants are great places in which to get bursts of inspiration for your own kitchen. You may not necessarily replicate the inventive idea, but maybe it sparks another project that adds a similar functionality or aesthetic to your own kitchen space.
When we saw the cheese grater chandelier featured on The Kitchn, we knew this would go straight into the inspiration file. Located at a new grilled cheese restaurant on NYC’s Lower East Side, the chandelier is an architectural marvel. Who knew cheese graters could be so chic? So modern? So eye-catching?
If you’re the daring DIY type, you could likely replicate the cheese grater chandelier in your own abode. Your biggest problem would be collecting enough cheese graters, although perhaps a day spent thrifting would yield enough supplies. And your in-home version would likely be smaller than the one featured in the restaurant, meaning you wouldn’t need quite as many graters.

After devising a solution to connect your cheese graters (dependent on your chandelier’s design) and stocking up on several lighting kits, you, too, could have your very own kitchen tool-inspired light fixture.
What’s your take on the cheese grater chandelier? Are you going to figure out a way to create your own DIY version? Or did it inspire you to create something else?
Photo courtesy of The Kitchn

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