Change Out Your Screen Door With A Stylish Security Door

Security doors used to have a pretty bad rap. They’d decrease your property value, make your neighborhood seem sketchy, and worst of all, were ugly. Screen doors, however, were praised far and wide for creating welcoming entryways, adding style to your front door, and giving you options for fresh air and sunlight that some traditional doors may not.
Gratefully, the two ends of the spectrum have seem to find a middle ground, and there are now near endless options for stylish security doors to match any home decor, time period, and situation.
Security doors are great because, as their name states, they give you an extra level of security that screen doors just can’t. Often forged of reinforced steel, security doors deter any would-be burglar from even getting to your front door. Some models are very simple in their design and locking mechanism, while others allow you to choose your own deadbolt system to suit your security needs. A screen door is often made of wood and thin mesh, making it very easy to break through or even off if someone wanted in your home.

However, we really like security doors for times when you’re IN your home. As more and more people utilize work-from-home-options, having strangers appear at your front door, whether they be door-to-door salespeople or potential clients or even neighborhood kids can be slightly disrupting. With a security door, you can trust you have a barrier between you and the unknown without having to make yourself vulnerable by opening your front door to the unknown.
Our security door has seen some better days, but mostly because the neighborhood wildlife (read the cat that lives on the front porch) and our settling house have both left their mark on it. We love that our security door (and many others we’ve seen on the market) has a screen panel option to give us that screen door feel without compromising our safety. Our door may not be the most stylish one out there, but it’s certainly better than the security doors of yesteryear.
So if you’re looking to add some detail to your home this summer with an extra level of security, think about swapping out your old screen door for a new security door. Your home and your family will thank you.

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