Craftsman NEXTEC 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Review

The latest tool in the Craftsman NEXTEC line is the Right Angle Impact Driver. This is a fairly new category of cordless power tools and the Craftsman model is a definite stand out compared to some of the other multi-tool options.
Hits: Svelte handle, power
Misses: LED light only on when tool is powered, forward-reverse toggle loose
Uses: Right angle design allows you to get into tight spaces that standard drills won’t
Power to burn
Right angle impact drivers are tools that we never thought we needed but now can’t live without. They are great for working on automobiles because you can squeeze them into tight spaces and the low-profile handle is thin but feels durable.
This will definitely save your wrist and you can switch from driving screws to using as a ratchet very easily. It works with 1/4″ quick connect and has a 1/2″ adapter.
This impact driver is simple to use and changing bits is extremely easy. The battery indicator light is super bright and located at the back of the handle. The long trigger is also easy to use and at 12-volts the unit delivers 700 in./lbs of torque at 2100 rpm.

LED Lagging
One of the issues we had was the LED which could have been placed at a better angle (preferably above the driver) so you could see better down to what you are working on. In it’s current location the bit blocks some of the light if you are looking down at it. We also wished the LED would come on by itself with just a light trigger pull but it will only come on when the drill is running. This can be a problem when you want to place the screw or bolt first then drive it.
The forward-reverse toggle tends to slide between directions as well as lock in the center spot. We wish it would be more solid in each setting.
Final Word
For $99 this tool is still at the sweet spot and if you’ve already invested in the NEXTEC 12V lineup then you’ll have extra batteries on hand. We recommend you add a right angle impact driver to your power tool collection and see how often you’ll grab for it compared to your standard cordless.
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More specs:
* Powerful Motor Powered by a 12.0 Volt Die-Hard® Lithium-Ion battery for enhanced performance and longer shelf-life.
* Innovative, Compact , Ergonomic Design Powerful and compact, weighing only 2.2lbs with the battery providing extra comfort and reducing user fatigue.
* 700 in.-lbs. of Torque Motor delivers maximum torque in both forward and reverse.
* 0-2100 RPM Fast and powerful for heavy duty applications.
* 1/4-Inch Quick-Connect Clamp For fast and convenient bit changes.
* Electric Brake Quickly stops the rotation when the trigger is released.
* Innovative Battery Fuel GaugeTurns green, yellow and red to indicate the charge level
* 30-Minute Quick Charger with LED Charge Indicator Quickly charges the battery and features a charge indicator that visually indicates the charging status.
* LED Work Light Illuminates work area for enhanced line of sight.
* Includes Right Angle Impact Driver, Battery, Charger, 4 Drilling and Driving Accessories and Storage Case
* 1 Year Limited Warranty

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