Create Invisible Kitchen Storage

No matter if you have a galley-style kitchen or an expansive professional one, something every chef or baker of every level is looking for is more storage in the kitchen. Typically, this would involve adding more cabinetry, shelves, containers, or other items that can easily take up precious square footage and aren’t always ideal solutions. However, we think we found a genius project to help you create near invisible storage with what you already have under your cabinets.
The idea is simple — most standard built-in cabinet systems actually sit on a riser of sorts, leaving a good three- to four-inch average gap of unused space under the interior shelves. This project from The Family Handyman helps to actually utilize that space for narrow storage items — think cutting boards, cookie and muffin pans, or even things such as storage bags, reusable grocery bags, and kitchen linens.

There are step-by-step instructions on how to construct not only the drawers, but boxes encasing them so you just have to remove the front toe-kick, measure, construct everything in another more accessible location, then slip the finished product into place.
Aside from excess kitchen wares, we think these drawers could be great for little kid craft supplies or dishware (so they can access it themselves, making them feel more independent and therefore giving you two more seconds of time to yourself) or for pet supplies and food dishes — have them out while Fido and Socks eat, then hide them away when they’re not in use. You could probably even store seasonal items like gloves and scarves or flipflops and beach towels in their off seasons if you don’t have a front hall closet or mudroom.
We love space-saving solutions for every room of the house, so if you have a secret storage solution or just great organization tips, let us know in the comments below!
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