Get a Custom Gerber Knife

We’ve got the perfect gift for the outdoorsman, hunter, or camper in your life–a custom Gerber knife. Gerber recently launched a custom shop, where you can build unique USA Made knives with various blade styles, handle materials and patterns, and laser-marked illustrations and text.

This custom shop features several of the brand’s best-selling knives. Made in Portland, Ore., the Fastball, StrongArm, Sharkbelly, and US-1 will be among the first knives customers can design using a robust library of lasermarks, handle materials, patterns, and blade shapes.

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“At Gerber, we know better than anyone that pocket knives are personal. We carry them everyday, and both craftsmanship and utility are paramount. Gerber Custom empowers users to take part in the creation process, pairing the precise engineering and reliable quality of our bestselling knives with a unique aesthetic,” said Todd Bischoff, creative director at Gerber.


Knife makers curate their experience by choosing between customization and personalization. Customization offers an infinite combination of handle materials, colors, patterns and blade shapes with hundreds of illustrations, like landscapes, military insignias, flora and fauna, and more. Personalization offers visitors lasermarked illustration and personal text in a variety of fonts.

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While the options for customization are endless, the price reflects Gerber’s commitment to providing premium, highly functional tools at an honest value. All of Gerber’s customized and personalized knives are made, assembled, and lasermarked at their headquarters in Portland. 

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Gerber Custom can be found at To date, the Fastball is available for customization and the StrongArm, Sharkbelly, and US-1 are available to personalize, with more products scheduled for later this year. 

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