Downton Abbey Interior Colors

Downton Abbey is the British period drama set in the early 1900’s in England that has taken America by storm. It seems an unlikely hit here in the States but discerning viewers have gravitated to it’s rich characters, compelling stories and of course it’s gorgeous setting.

Deep Sea Shadow

Deep Sea Shadow
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Influenced by the refreshing pastels and creams of the Drawing Room, a pale green/aqua is further softened with the use of pale rose, classic ivory and gold gilding.

Kelly-Moore Paints reached out to share a palette of paints that their designer, Mary Lawlor, has identified as matching the lush interiors seen on Downton Abbey. These interior colors contain rich deep reds, wood toned browns, refreshing pastels and creams grounded by utilitarian grays, each inspired by the amazing settings portrayed on the show.

They matched these color groupings room by room and we’ve compiled the color swatches in a gallery above.

Which colors are your favorite?

Interior Colors of Downton Abbey

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Interior Colors of Downton Abbey


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  • Miguel

    Muy buena web

  • Kylae J

    I love this show so much… and these colors. <3

  • I love the deep shadow. That color is so hot in our market and it goes so well with ebony that we are often doing on the floor. I also like frontier shingle as it’s neutral. I have to say I’m really not crazy about the pinks and peaches (or even yellows) as they look dated and are not great for people’s skin complexions nor matching furniture.

  • Craig

    Never discount the importance of proofreading… even in graphics.