Farmhouse Sinks Add Style to Any Kitchen

Farmhouse sinks, AKA apron front sinks, continue to grow in popularity. Their distinct look make a bold statement in any kitchen and place a gorgeous sink and faucet setting to the forefront.

A farmhouse sink is a great way to add a touch of color or introduce a new material to any kitchen, all without the commitment that a new countertop or painted cabinets require.

Bocchi just shared their newest collection of Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks that they debuted at K/BIS this year. Their collection features a choice of 9 colors, including matte black and sapphire blue, which are very on-trend this year. But what we’re most excited about is their slim design Forte sink.

The Forte boasts oversized functionality that is topping homeowners’ kitchen wish lists, but in a slim design that saves precious counterspace. The complex blend of natural materials allows its wall thickness to be cut nearly in half versus traditional fireclay sinks. As a result, the interior basin size functionally increases to offer homeowners more room to maneuver pots and pans. How much more room? Forte provides roughly 15% to 20% more cubic volume than the average apron-front sink.

Blending organic materials with aluminum, the Forte sink maintains the warmth and elegance of fireclay while adding the strength of metal. This increased strength allows for thinner walls that bring an updated look to the classic farmhouse sink everyone is craving this year.

According to Sebring Design Build, “Elegant and modern styles of sinks are coming in hot this year and will be highly sought after. For example, farmhouse sinks, otherwise known as apron front sinks, are super trendy.” These high design and on-trend sinks are continuing to increase their position as the centerpiece of the kitchen.

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