Get Organized With A DIY Tool Wall

As your tool collection grows, you may find yourself with too many tools–and not enough space in which to store them.
Sure, a tool box or tool cabinet is a great way to keep your collection organized, but if you have enough sizable tools, or prefer to keep them at a more convenient, visible range, consider dedicating a garage, basement or other wall for your tools.
Once you’ve picked out an appropriate wall, lay out your tool collection so you can get an idea of what you have. Group similar tools together, and from there, you can decide what organizational supplies you’ll need to house or mount the tools.

The couple behind Apropos of Nothing has an informative, picture-heavy post on their DIY tool wall. They opted to use a newly finished tongue-and-groove wall in their basement as the storage canvas.
Let your creativity and imagination run wild as you decide what to use for tool storage. The aforementioned couple opted to hack an IKEA plant stand in which to store chisels and mounted some outdoor light fixtures for increased visibility.
Once you have your wall organized and in place, you may want to add drawers for additional tools or small items like nails, screws and the like. Affix labels to the outside of each drawer so you can easily pinpoint what you need.
Do you keep your tools organized with a tool wall? If so, we welcome any tips. And feel free to send photos, too, to
Photo courtesy of Apropos of Nothing

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