Give Those Kitchen Cabinets A Facelift

kitchen cabinets facelift
There comes a point where your kitchen will just look tired. Trust me – you’ll know when that is. But the good news is that a full kitchen remodel is not entirely necessary. Look to your kitchen cabinets first.
Are you happy with the layout of your cabinets? Are the sides, shelves, bottoms and drawers still fairly strong and dependable? Are you willing to give up a few afternoons to work some magic on your cabinets?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, put down the phone. There is no need to call the contractor. A kitchen cabinet facelift is the perfect DIY job that will leave your home feeling fresh and new.

Weighing Your Options
The method that you use to freshen up your kitchen cabinets depends on the material and design of the existing doors.
A few of the most common plans of attack are:
+ Refinishing – works well with solid wood doors and usually requires that you first strip the existing finish.
+ Repainting – can be done on wood doors and any other material to which paint can adhere.
+ Refacing – excellent for melamine or plastic doors, this method involves attaching a new veneer or “face” onto the doors.
+ Replacing – sometimes installing all-new cabinet doors and drawer fronts is the best plan to truly give your kitchen a fresh look.
Tips to Remember
Remove the doors from the cabinets and lay them out where you have plenty of space to work. Always leave enough time for the paint, stain or veneer to dry fully before putting the doors back up.
Whatever you do to the cabinet doors you will usually do to the drawer fronts. Disassemble the drawers to gain the best access, but simply removing them may also work. Look for matching veneers for use on the exposed sides of the cabinet frames
New handles, hinges and other hardware will perfectly finish your kitchen cabinetry. Opt for modern brushed nickel or more traditional decorative styles. This small investment will pay big dividends for the completed room.
An easy fix that takes more time than money, this DIY job will have surprising results. Once your kitchen cabinets have had this much needed facelift, the whole room will be brighter, leaving your home feeling welcoming and comfortable.
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