Give Your Home’s Hallways Some Attention

We’ve noticed a lot of talk in the DIY blogosphere this week about hallways. Although these long, narrow corridors can often be challenging when it comes to function and decor, hallways are typically neglected when it comes to their appearance and use.
Because hallways are usually small, these are great spaces in which to experiment with bright colors or eye-popping patterns. A majority of people probably opt to hang photos or artwork in a hallway, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Add a fresh coat of paint and a few more pictures, and you have your very own at-home gallery space.
If you’re short on closet space, you can also install some hooks along the wall on which to hang coats and scarves. Of course, you’ll want to be sure the items don’t impede traffic, so this is ideal if you have a little-used corner that needs a purpose.

If you don’t have much of an entryway, a hallway that’s in close proximity to your home’s entrance might be an ideal place for a catch-all. Try adding a small table with bowls or dishes for keys, coins and other items, as well as a mail sorter to help control paper clutter.
And if you want to get really creative–and flex your DIY muscle–a hallway can be a great place for built-ins, especially if you’re in a small space or one that’s short on storage. You’ll need to check the thickness of the hallway’s walls before proceeding, among other factors, but adding built-ins is a clever and functional way to completely transform the space. Think floor-to-ceiling bookcases (a tunnel of books!) or middle-of-the-wall cubbies that can hold artwork and other display pieces.
Have you added color or furniture to your hallway to make it a more functional space?
Photo: House to Home [] via Apartment Therapy

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