The Hitchfire Grill Makes Meals Anywhere

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Two-burner stoves are a necessity for any car camping or overlanding trip, and the new HichFire Grill might be the best solution.

The founders of Tepui rooftop tents are hoping to change mealtime just like they did with sleeping, by introducing the world’s first hitch-mounted grill giving you the ability to grill anywhere.

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They’ve coined the term Adventure Grilling which is made easier with their Forge15 grill. It’s named for its double high-output 7,500 BTU propane burners. It attaches to a vehicles standard 2-inch receiver hitch and built with an articulating swing arm that provides plenty of space to get your grill game on while still making access to your cargo a cinch.

The Forge 15 is made of powder-coated steel built on a stout tubular frame to withstand the abuses of the pavement and trail. The grill is designed to be used either on the hitch with the sturdy swing-out arm, or removed and used for tabletop use. With 355 square inches of grilling space, you’ve got plenty of room for food for the entire crew.

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But the best feature is simply the fact that you no longer have a stinky and dirty grill to haul around inside your vehicle. No more charcoal marks in your trunk or grease and oil stains on the carpet. Just prepare your meals and clean the grill when you get home.

HitchFire’s Forge 15 is available for preorder through their website:


  • Dual zone high-output burners (7,500 BTUs each) 
  • 90° and 180° articulating swing arm 
  • Fold out prep tables & integrated bottle opener 
  • 355 sq. in  (18” x 22”) cooking area 
  • Serves 8-10 people  
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