Host A Painting Party

For me, painting is hard. The prep work is a pain and by the time I’m done, my arms ache and all I can see are the spots I need to fix. I think a solution to this problem would be to throw a painting party the next time I’ve got a room to paint.
I was inspired by Casa Sugar’s post on the subject and have come up with a few ways to get the party started.
1. Send out invitations (these would be cute). Make sure you mention attire (old clothes) and a time frame (12-3) so if things go over, they’re allowed to duck out!
2. Delegate tasks. Pair up people to make each chore a little more fun. You might even want to assign team names like “Team Trimwork” or “Base Coat Babes.” And be prepared to give guests a quick run-down of some of your favorite painting tips or suggestions.

3. Have fun. Keep the music on and the snacks (and drinks) flowing.
4. Handle the cleanup yourself. As with every party, the hostess will get stuck with the mess!
Before the party begins, make sure you have enough materials, supplies and brushes, such as this handy pivoting model, so that everyone can participate.
Have you thrown a painting party? Or would you consider one in the future?
Photo: CasaSugar

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