How To Clean Up Your BBQ Grill


The key to keeping your BBQ grill clean is not doing major overhauls every few months but rather cleaning it thoroughly after each use.

My parents have a grill that sits outside in Tucson and has lasted 15 years because they keep it clean.

Here are the steps to do a quick clean after using your grill.

1. Use a good wire brush and clean off any large pieces of cooked food remnants.

2. While the grill is still warm take a half slice of onion and run it along the grill grates. This is a seasoning and cleaning trick that most chefs use to clean their grills till the next use. Forget the cleaner sprays for these quick cleans.

3. Use your clean rag and wipe off any excess oil or food that has splattered onto stainless steel or control knobs.

4. Cover your grill after each use with a sturdy form-fitting cover that won’t blow off.

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