How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree


A dry Christmas tree is a fire hazard, and also makes a big mess as it drops needles. Here’s how to recycle your Christmas tree and give it a new purpose beyond the holidays.

Christmas trees should not be disposed of in landfills, and most communities have laws prohibiting cut trees and yard waste from being dumped in the trash.

Recycle your Christmas tree by contacting your local recycling center or waste management company for information on where to drop off your tree. Some recycling centers have a separate “treecycle” area for discarded Christmas trees.


Before recycling your tree, make sure you’ve fully undressed it by removing the lights and packing away the ornaments. Make certain all tinsel, hooks and wires have been completely removed.

Recycled Christmas trees are put through a chipper and the mulch is used for erosion control, landscaping or trail surfaces.


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