How To Store Your Mower For The Season

If you haven’t already stored your lawnmower for the season, you’re likely preparing to say farewell to this weekly chore until warmer temperatures return. Before you stash your mower, there are several things you can do to help keep the machine in prime condition during its off months — and ready to return to work with a vengeance once spring arrives.
Bob Markovich, Consumer Reports’ Home and Yard editor, has a few tips (and for a how-to video, head to the Consumer Reports site.)
*Empty the gas.
*Clean the machine. Once the fuel has been emptied, hose down your mower’s deck and give it a thorough cleaning to remove any grass clippings, dirt and other debris that may clog the machine or harm the exterior.
*Remove and sharpen the mower blade.

*Change the oil. Your lawnmower, like your car, needs regular oil changes to keep it in tip-top shape. Be sure to also replace your mower’s fuel filter.
*Replace your spark plugs. On your lawn mower, spark plugs will typically last 100 hours of operation. Get in the habit of changing your plugs annually, if you don’t already do so.
Is your mower already stowed away for the season? Or are you keeping it out in hopes of one last turn around the yard before the temperatures plunge?

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