Insulate the Safe Way With Sheep Wool Insulation

Think about how warm and cozy that wool sweater keeps you in the middle of winter. Now imagine how comfortable you would be if your home had a layer of wool to protect it. With sheep wool insulation – a safe and green choice – it can.
What is Sheep Wool Insulation?
You mean besides being wool from a sheep? Check out this natural, completely renewable material from the Oregon Shepherd that is formed into both loose (blown-in) insulation and batten form. An organic treatment is added to increase the fire and pest resistance, but other than that sheep wool insulation is all-natural.

What Makes It Safe?
You know those protective gloves and masks you should be wearing when working with fiberglass insulation? Put them away. You don’t need any protection when working with sheep wool insulation because the product is as safe to touch as that wool sweater.
Actually, insulation made from sheep wool is even softer and fluffier than that sweater.
This type of insulation has no VOCs and can actually absorb and then break down harmful chemicals in the air like formaldehyde and sulphur dioxide.
What Makes It Green?
I’ve never seen a green lamb before. But this product is most definitely eco-friendly for a variety of reasons.
The wool is renewable (grown fresh on the sheep every year) and the insulation is produced using only 10 percent of the energy needed to make more traditional insulation products.
It’s also totally recyclable and biodegradable. And the fire resistance additives are completely organic, presenting no threat to you or the planet.
What Makes It a Good Choice For Your House?
Besides all of these stellar benefits, sheep wool insulation is a decent sound absorber. It also dramatically cuts back on condensation due to the natural characteristics of wool.
Sheep wool holds it shape indefinitely, eliminating the settling that so often happens with blown in types.
A word of caution, however: It’s expensive. Your insulation budget may take a sizable hit and you’re not likely to get the investment back from your utility bills.
Bit it all adds up to one conclusion – stuffing your walls and attic with sheep wool insulation just makes sense. Safe, green and incredibly effective, sheep wool insulation seems to be worth every penny.
Would you opt for sheep wool insulation over more traditional alternatives?
Photo courtesy of Oregon Shepherd

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