Interactive Countertops To Bring Touch Technology To The Kitchen

The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad paved the way for touch technology, which is becoming increasingly prevalent as more tablets, computers and even TVs hit the market. But what about a new application of touch technology? Say, in the kitchen?
Intel Labs is working on an interactive kitchen countertop system called OASIS (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System), which projects displays directly onto the counter, creating a variety of experiences. You could place several food items on the counter, for example, and OASIS would generate a recipe using those ingredients.
The system also generates helpful hints and nutrition information for the items placed on the counter. You may also be able to access virtual “drawers,” activated by the touch motions similar to those you use with an iPad, which can store recipes and other virtual data related to your food and a kitchen’s contents.

According to information on Intel’s website, the OASIS platform could have applications in other rooms of the house, and “is easy to retrofit to any home, any room, and almost any horizontal or vertical surface.”
No word yet on when this technology might be available, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the countertops? Ingenious, or over-the-top?
Photo courtesy of CNET via Intel

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