KCPD Advocates Environmental Design As Crime Deterrent

Forget expensive security gadgets and high-tech alarm systems. Sometimes the best crime deterrents are the result of environmental design factors, which include a careful survey of your property and home to spot potential problem areas.
In a video tutorial released by the Kansas City Police Department, officers recommend several steps to protect both residential and commercial structures. The most effective crime deterrent? Adequate lighting. Officers recommend installing exterior lights with timers and motion sensors and ensuring that the beam of the lights covers the outside area, leaving no dark nooks or crannies in which potential criminals can hide.

The police department also recommends regular trimming of trees and bushes so as not to unknowingly cultivate prime hiding spots. If you’re especially concerned about an area of your property, consider planting thorny bushes as an additional deterrent.
Other tips? Make sure your address is clearly labeled on your front door or porch so that emergency personnel can easily spot your residence. Officers also recommend using 3-inch screws when securing door hinges and locks, which add stability and strength to your front door.
Photo by livehome

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