Kwikset SmartCode Allows Keyless Entry for Safety and Convenience

Coming home with a large bag of groceries and fumbling with keys to open a back door can be a frustrating experience, so can having your kids forget the keys but need to be let inside.
These small frustrations can add up but the SmartCode deadbolt seems like the best answer to help calm our nerves as well as provide great security. Don’t worry about hiding a key outside, just share the code with whomever you trust and if you need to change the code you can do that almost instantly.
We’ve got a deadbolt on our back door and went through the process of installation which took less than 20 minutes including program setup. The SmartCode comes in a small box with everything you need except batteries.

1. First you’ll need to remove your current Kwikset lockset from the deadbolt which you can reuse or simply use the lockset that Kwikset has provided. We suggest using whichever lockset has the SmartKey.
2. Thread the lockset with keypad attached through the deadbolt mechanism.
3. Attach the back plate and plug the wire coming from the keypad to the control pad inside.
4. Install the batteries (4 AA) and attach the SmartCode pad to the plate that you’ve just attached to the door.
5. Program the SmartCode and you are ready to go!
This is an abbreviated install but you can see how easy it is. You can now simply use a 4-digit number to unlock the door and if you need to close just hit the lock button. Of course your key also works in the same manner as before and if you are using the SmartKey technology you can re-key the lock in an instant.
The SmartCode has LED buttons to notify you that the door is locked and functioning properly and there are a series of beeps will tell you if the batteries need replacing.
We think this is a safe and convenient security option that anyone can install.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Kwikset-sponsored SmartSquad and and occasionally receive incentives to discuss issues related to home safety and security.

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