Paint Quality Institute Releases 2011 Paint Trends

A new year — it’s a ripe time for trend forecasts as experts look to the coming months to predict what consumers want.
And the paint industry is no exception. As posted by the Paint and Coatings Industry, the Paint Quality Institute has outlined three likely color directions for the year, all of which are (no surprise) tied into the economy.
“There’s no escaping the state of the economy, even for homeowners who want to beautify their homes,” says Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at PQI. “Rather than diving into large-scale renovation projects in the coming year, consumers will search for inexpensive ways to freshen and update their homes.”
For paint, this means:

* Back to basics: The Paint Quality Institute sees a return to neutral hues, including warm whites, tans and green. These make for a room that can be easily updated by swapping out a few accessories, rather than redoing the entire space.
* “Well-worn” hues: Blue is expected to grow in popularity as both a wall and ceiling color. Think denim dark to blue-grey. Blue is said to have a calming effect, so using this color in your home can help create a retreat-like atmosphere.
* Shimmer and shine: High paint sheens and metallics will be on the rise as consumers opt to coat hallways and even living rooms with high-gloss paint. “Gloss can subtly create a brighter, more upbeat mood in a home, but at the same time it adds style and pizzazz,” Zimmer says.
Will you be following any of these trends in this year’s paint projects?

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