The Perfect Portable Light Has Arrived

energizer-portable-lightsBrought to you by Energizer. Click here to learn more about Energizer® Portable Lights with Light Fusion Technology.

Portable lighting is an obsession of ours. From the smallest handheld flashlights to the brightest head lamps, finding the ultimate personal lighting solution is an ongoing goal. This is where Energizers new line of portable lights with Light Fusion Technology come in.

LED’s have almost replaced standard bulbs among most quality flashlights and at the end of the day it’s tough to separate standard flashlights from each other beyond their weight and luminosity. Energizer didn’t want to build just another flashlight but they chose to innovate with three new designs that we’ve found serve various purposes in our life.

Energizer LED Folding Lantern with Light Fusion Technology:
We immediately found the perfect use for this light as we were on a deadline to install some carpet tiles on our son’s playhouse in time for his birthday party. We were running out of light and the playhouse is not near any outdoor lights but the folding lantern illuminated our entire workspace so we could finish the playhouse in time.

The light pivots open for a 360 degree illumination and in addition to lighting our workspace it would also be perfect for outdoor entertaining on a patio or deck as well as on family camping trips and weekend getaways.


Energizer LED 3 in 1 Light:
The 3 in 1 has become the “go to” flashlight in our house. It’s versatility has made it ideal for searching in dark areas under the sink as well as working under the hood of my car at night. It functions as a flashlight, area light, or tripod light and the adjustable light angle is an added bonus.


Energizer LED Pop-Up Lantern with Light Fusion Technology:
This quirky looking light is our son’s favorite. He loves taking this miniature lantern wherever he goes. It’s easy to collapse, carry and store and will definitely be with us on our next camping trip.

Quit banging your old flashlights and upgrade to one (or all three) of these new portable LED lights from Energizer. If your not sold from reading our review you can test them out in the store and see for yourself. Batteries INCLUDED!!!


Brought to you by Energizer. Click here to learn more about Energizer® Portable Lights with Light Fusion Technology.

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