Polaris Utility Snowmobiles: Work Sleds That Are Fun


Polaris builds some amazing off-road vehicles but their original heritage begins with snowmobiles. While they’ve made a name for themselves with the racing sleds and trick sleds that have been shown in the X Games, they also have a line of utility snowmobiles that are built to work with you and handle tasks in deep snow.

The FS IQ Widetrak and 600 IQ Widetrak are both setup to help you with winter chores like haul wood, check trap lines or mend fences. With a storage rack, backrest and heated storage you can use these all winter long and when works done these sleds will take you wherever you want to go.


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  • Jose


    Very good taste on these.
    The 8 is my favourite, but on the other hand it kind of doesn’t connect with the rest.

    Kind regards,