Pool Shed Makeover

Our new home has a beautiful pool, but the pool shed we inherited is nothing more than a frame and a tin roof to cover the pool filter and non-working heater. After staring at the ugly pool equipment all summer, we decided that re-building the pool shed was a top priority this winter.

Fortunately the existing pool shed frame was in good condition, so we didn’t have to build that, but we did have to remove old lattice and give the roof and shed floor a good cleaning.

We thought of a few different shed wall options, but ultimately chose to go with horizontal fencing style walls for the shed. We used 6-inch boards with a half-inch space between them for the walls. Our Ryobi One+ 18V miter saw cut them to the proper size and we used our Ryobi One+ 18V impact driver to remove the screws from the old lattice as well as drive new screws to attach the boards.

After cutting the boards using the Ryobi miter saw, we sanded and painted them black to protect them and give our pool shed a modern look. Our home is painted white with black accents, so the black pool shed was a great addition.

The job took a full-day with most of the time spent waiting for paint to dry. Our tools never needed charging and were more than up to the task for this project.


We’re extremely happy with the way this project turned out. We left one side of the shed open so we could access all of the pool equipment and chemicals, but that side is not visible from the pool so it worked perfectly without having to build a door. The pool shed has given our backyard a nice facelift and we can’t wait to enjoy it this summer.

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