Pros And Cons Of Copper Countertops

If you’re hopelessly devoted to trend forecasts, then you may have noticed that warm, rustic materials such as bronze and copper are becoming increasingly popular throughout the home.
Faucets and fixtures are one thing, but what about copper countertops? The look can certainly be striking, and copper is versatile enough to work with a variety of decor. Yet there are some things to consider before choosing this material for countertops, and we’ve rounded up a few points to help you make a decision.

The Good
*Copper is a striking material that will add instant drama to your kitchen. Over time, the material can develop a patina that will change its appearance, such as a deepening of color into a rich brown. Treat the surface with butcher’s wax or beeswax to keep it in good condition.
*Copper is an ideal choice if you live in an older home, or crave a more historic look. The warm metal exudes a rustic aesthetic but can easily be updated for today’s interiors.
The Bad
*Because copper is a soft metal, it will quickly show wear and tear. You may want to consider the material for a less-used countertop, or be prepared to embrace the surface’s nicks and scratches.
*It’s pricey. Copper ranges from $100-$175/square foot, so if you’re planning on installing several countertops, be prepared for an investment.

Other options

If you’re not ready to commit to copper countertops but love the material, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate copper into your kitchen. Try a copper backsplash, or install copper faucets. Copper sinks are also on the rise, and are a decidedly unexpected alternative to standard stainless steel sinks.
Would you consider copper countertops in your home? Let us know your thoughts!
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