Ryobi Propane Inverter Generator

The new Ryobi propane generator is simple to use, clean, and easy to transport. These attributes make it ideal for camping, tailgating, beach parties and picnics, and overlanding adventures. 

Propane fuel is easy to find and this generator is powered by the 1-lb. canisters as well as the 20-pound tanks. Unlike regular gas, you can transport propane in your vehicle safely and it’s much cleaner to work with. The 1-lb. canister just screws right onto the generator. This is the same type of canister that your camping grill uses. The generator can also run off a 20-lb. canister with the included adaptor. Runtime at 25% load (175 watts) is 3 hours for the 1-lb. tank and 60 hours for the 20-lb. tank. 

This digital inverter generator delivers clean power that is safe for all sensitive electronics such as phones, music players, laptops, and speakers. I can also power lights and fans, and anything that runs off 120V power.

To start this generator make sure you have the oil filled to the proper level, then screw on a full 1-lb. propane canister. Prime the unit for two seconds and then pull until it starts. It always started on 3 pulls for us. 

If you are seeking a compact clean running generator at a great price, then check out the 900 watt Ryobi propane inverter generator at your local Home Depot.


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