Thoughtful Changes Enhance Small Kitchen

kitchen before.jpg
Sometimes a renovated kitchen doesn’t have to mean breaking down walls and relocating to a different spot in the house. When I spotted this kitchen reno on CasaSugar I thought it was a great example of smart, small changes on a tight budget.
The homeowners chose custom panels for our appliances so that they would disappear into the cabinet wall. They installed a discreet but powerful exhaust fan in the ceiling above the new range and tucked the microwave under the counter in order to keep the sight lines at eye level clean and unbroken.

Custom-paneled appliances were a splurge that didn’t leave money left over for fancy tile work, so they painted the century-old brick exterior wall rather than adding a backsplash. The flooring is the same vintage wide-plank pine that appears throughout the apartment.
kitchen after.jpg
And what a beautiful after! Click here to see the couple’s awesome floor plan. Have you done a great kitchen redo on a shoestring budget? Send us photos!
Photos: Moya McAllister

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